May 15, 2013

Wedding Trends: Tulip Theme

Some wedding inspiration with a tulip theme:

Red-purple tulip bouquet

Red-purple tulip bouquet

Tulip invitations that grow wildflowers

Tulip invitations that grow wildflowers

Tulip Centerpieces with Vintage Vase

Tulip Centerpieces with Vintage Vase

Tulip Charm Necklace

Tulip Charm Necklace, perfect for junior bridesmaid

Tulip cupcakes

Tulip cupcakes for the reception table

November 20, 2011

Wedding trend color: Green

Olive green bridesmaid dress from JCrew

Green favor bags

Olive green plantable seed confetti

Wooden trees for place cards and table numbers

Olive green petitfours

More green wedding inspiration

November 13, 2011

Wedding trend theme: Pinecones

Pinecone wedding invitation

Pinecone place card holders

Pinecone centerpieces

Pinecone garland

More pinecone garland

Pinecone wedding cake

November 6, 2011

Wedding trend theme: Owls

Owl cake topper

Owl wedding invitations printed on wood

Owl save the date magnet

Owl wedding cake

Owl table accent

And in case you’ve asked yourself “Could I rent an owl to be my ring bearer?”, the answer is yes if you live in the UK.

October 30, 2011

Wedding trend pattern: Chevron

This eco-friendly wedding invitation is printed on plantable seed paper.

Chevron dinner plates in gorgeous yellow

Chevron ring bearer pillow

Chevron table runner

May 14, 2011

Wedding trend color – purple

We’re seeing gorgeous shades of purple everywhere, from rich grape to delicate lilac.

Tasty flower-topped purple cupcakes

Tasty flower-topped purple cupcakes

Eco-friendly favor tags in purple, when the plantable paper favor tags are planted they grow wildflowers.

Plantable favor tag

Plantable tags for wedding favors in purple

Purple petals adorn this beautiful aisle:

Purple petals

Petals strewn all the way down the aisle.

Bridesmaids dresses in lovely purple:

Purple bridesmaids dresses

Purple bridesmaids dresses

Purple plantable wedding favors:

Purple plantable wedding favors

Purple plantable wedding favors

April 26, 2011

Wedding themes – hearts

Two Hearts Plantable Wedding Invitations

Plant this heart wedding invitation and grow flowers

What’s more perfect for a wedding than a heart theme? Starting off this post is the new Two Hearts Wedding Invitation.

Filigree Heart Wedding Cake

Heart-themed engagement photos

Heart-backed bridesmaid dress

The perfect end to a tasty meal - ice cream hearts with tuile arrows

April 19, 2011

Wedding Colors for 2011 – Nautical Blues

We’re seeing some beautiful colors during this 2011 wedding season and these nautical blues, yellows and greens are here to inspire you as you plan your wedding.

Wedding colors 2011

Nautical palette of wedding colors for 2011 from Invitation Crush

A jaunty blue and white wedding invitation:

Nautical wedding colors featured in this wedding

Nautical wedding colors featured in this wedding from Style Me Pretty

A navy, white and green palette:

wedding color trends

Navy, green and white palette for this wedding from The Brides Guide

And this wedding with blues and yellows:

wedding color trends 2011

Blues and yellow with a nautical wedding theme

Check out these nautical nuptuals:

Nautical nuptuals

Blue, pink and white wedding colors in this nautical wedding

More blues to inspire you:

Wedding colors 2011

Many shades of blues

April 18, 2011

Welcome to Wedding Trends

Bridal headbands from Michel Paris

Hello and welcome to the new Latest Wedding Trends blog. Every week, we will be posting a summary of the best and latest wedding trends, as spotted by our style gurus.

We’ll bring you the latest in bridal fashion, stationery and etiquette. To get things started, here’s what we’re noticing this week:

Sweet Favors in this inspiration board

Peacock elements for a themed wedding

A simple bridal bouquet